Tedd C. Nesbit Press Kit/Media Kit

Conditions of Use:

The media kit contains photos, images owned by Elect Tedd Nesbit, or authorized to be used by Elect Tedd Nesbit. By accessing and or using these materials, you or the entity using these materials accept the following terms and conditions:

(1) These images may be used by official press entities in conjunction with office press releases and candidate and election reviews or by individuals connected with the Elect Tedd Nesbit campaign for endorsing and supporting candidate Tedd C. Nesbit in his bid for PA House representative
(2) Do not digitally alter photos, images or videos for publication or reproduction without prior approval from the Elect Tedd Nesbit campaign
(3) Photos, images or videos which are used for publication require the acknowledgment of Elect Tedd Nesbit and VoteNesbit.com as the source of the material
(4) Do not sub-license, resell or make any photos, images or videos available for separate downloading that are part of this official Press Kit
(5) Do not use photos, images or videos in any defamatory or illegal manner regarding Tedd Nesbit or his campaign
(6) Do not use photos, images or videos in a manner that represents the use or endorsement of a product or service, or to make a false association with other organizations or entities

For any questions regarding the use of this media kid please use our CONTACT page and submit your inquiry.

~Elect Tedd Nesbit Team



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