Tedd Nesbit continues to fight for economic growth in Western PA; this is his number one priority for his constituents. He believes that we need to help businesses move forward and expand by lowering the tax burdens and regulations.  He is often quoting saying, “government does not create jobs, businesses do.” He has successfully established a data center and tax incentive plan that has helped to bring high tech jobs to the 8th district. He continues to bring a common sense business approach to Harrisburg.

Pennsylvania needs to create the economy for the future.  Tedd Nesbit believes that we need to train our students to compete in the global marketplace.  We can do that, in part, by supporting vocational training programs and by emphasizing vocational training in schools. Employers in our state sometime struggle to find employees with the right skills.


Tedd Nesbit believes that Pennsylvania needs to move the educational system forward by exploring new ways to prepare our children to compete in the global economy.  Pennsylvania needs to invest wisely in new technologies while still maintaining an emphasis on what works.

Tedd Nesbit believes that Harrisburg should not allow Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to dictate to the school boards of Mercer and Butler county schools what programs are important or not important.  Pennsylvania should not force a “one size fits all” approach to our students.


Tedd Nesbit believes that Pennsylvania has the opportunity to move forward with new energy production. Even though the energy market is currently stalled, he believes that Pennsylvania still has the potential to lead the world in energy; energy companies are still spending money in Pennsylvania. Tedd Nesbit supports creating jobs in the energy market and believes that we can balance job growth and environmental protection. “As someone that uses the beautiful woods and Pennsylvania Rivers frequently, I believe that we can protect the environment while still capturing its natural resources. We need to keep the regulations and taxes low to help Pa compete with the other states.”


Tedd Nesbit believes that Pennsylvania should be vigilant in rebuilding our roads, bridges and other public systems.  Many of these systems were created more than 100 years ago and are falling apart.  Tedd believes that Pennsylvania needs to be very vigilant in reigning in the costs of these projects. He has successfully fought to bring state grants to the area and help to develop the sewer and water systems needed to bring job and economic prosperity to the area.

Pro-life & the 2nd Amendment

Tedd Nesbit is pro-life and believes Pennsylvania needs to create an environment where life is protected. He supports hunters and gun owner’s rights in Pennsylvania.  “I believe there are currently enough laws concerning gun control and do not favor adding any additional burdens to law abiding citizens of Pennsylvania.”